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Know About Us

Aduro Solutions, with offices in the U.S.A. and India, is a provider of bespoke blockchain development and implementation services. The blockchain excites us with its transformative potential and with its inherent open, unbiased, participative, efficacious and borderless characteristics. We view it as the gateway to the future of business, a dynamic and new prototype of communication and an essential part of the transition from the present internet of information to the fast approaching internet of things(IoT). We recognise that the interconnected world around us will be affected by this new technology resulting in completely new business models such as the long-tail 'less of more' approach to markets instead of the traditional 'more of less'. We develop blockchain technology so that our clients' can maximize value creation and delivery from the use of this technology in their operations.

How to innovate and Where to innovate

Aduro Solutionsí goal is to empower our clients through the power of blockchain technology. Blockchain development and deployment is done after critical analysis of the scope of our clientís specific business processes and identification of their unique and specific needs. Whether it is a vendor- facing or customer-facing blockchain applications, we can advise you on how you could incrementally start introducing this powerful and disruptive technology in your organizations to use this innovationís transformative power to maximize your advantage. We encourage you to identify critical moments where anything of value is being moved within your organization. These points of transfers have use for blockchain technology. We adopt a collaborative, problem-solving approach working with the client before, during and after developing the blockchain. Our team of blockchain development experts and blockchain strategists are adequately equipped to interpret client pain points and develop blockchains to address these concerns. Once we have a thorough understanding of your organization, we proceed to develop the blockchain with the end goals of increased operational and cost efficiency, reduced vulnerability through risk reduction, better co-ordination, increased security, transparency and exponential value-addition for your organization. Whatever your enterprise blockchain strategy, we can make it work for you and enable you to remain ahead of the curve.

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Lead Team

Partha K. Biswas

Partha has more than 15 years' experience in business intelligence, data analysis, reporting and visualization. He has extensively worked in Visualization tools such as Tableau. He has a strong understanding of the inner working of Blockchain in the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. He also has sound exposure in Solidity programming language to build contracts and its interaction with JavaScript. He also possesses a detailed level understanding of the architectural dependencies of technologies in the use in the customer's IT environment having worked with various Fortune 500 and Government clients.

Amlan Bhattacharya

Having graduated with a BA (Hons) Economics degree from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, Amlan also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Wales, UK. He was placed at the top of his class. He holds full memberships of the Chartered Institute of Marketing(CIM), UK and the All-India Management Association(AIMA).

Amlan has over 18 years' work experience across Logistics, Management Consultancy, Gems and Jewellery and Learning and Development both in India as well as in Europe. He is well-experienced in the crafting of corporate strategy and its implementation having served as Vice-President, Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations for an industry major in India. Amlan's expertise includes an understanding of how disruptive technologies change business landscapes and what leadership strategies are required to navigate this radical shift. Blockchain is an area that he cares deeply about as he believes in its potential to challenge existing powerstructures and business models.

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